Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dance Every Dance

- To My Daughter, In Her Last Year of High School

It is only the beginning of spring
Of your high school senior year,
But you are already looking ahead
To that college degree, that cool career,
That big house with the neat lawn in the suburb.

Slow down, miv ntxais!  

It is good to have goals, and the plans
To get you there. But there is no hurry.
The future will come
Rushing at you; and before you know,
You will be overwhelmed
By the demands of degrees, careers, and mortgages.

Now is the time to slow down,
To stretch time
Like a movie playing
In slow motion:
Enjoy every slow walk
Under the shady trees.
Squeeze every drop of knowledge
From your senior classes.
Savor every conversation
With friends at recess.
Sing every song
With the choir.
Dance every dance
At the prom…

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