Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Seaside Poems

A Love Poem
     ~for Pos

The waves form a constant roar,
As if they would crash through
The western picture windows.

A man receives a phone call
From his four-year-old son
Unable to sleep without saying "Good night!"

The man steps out to the patio
And holds the phone
Towards the sea.

“Do you hear the noise?” he asks.
“Daddy is at the ocean.”

All that is Left

All that is left
Of the dead seal
Is a pile of gray
defoliating skin.

As waves recede
Two rocks rise
Out of a desert

A chip of dragon tooth
Pounded by a million waves
Slowly grind
Into sand.

A New Dawn

The sun rises from behind
The range to the east.

The day dawns clear
Except for jet after-burns crisscrossing the sky.

Mountains ring to north,
East, and south.

To the west, the bay opens
Into the wide Pacific.

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