Sunday, November 07, 2010


Approaching Rain

Waves of cloud dunes veil emerging sun.
Cold, but not bitingly chilly morning--

perfect condition for a brisk run
along sidewalks littered with barchan piles

of crackling maple and tulip tree leaves.
Other leaves still cling to branches and boughs,

turn orange or bright torches of red flames.
Along peaceful streets and quiet cul-de-sacs,

uniformed suburban houses sleep on
row by row, while new strawberry seedlings

emerge from plastic-wrapped rows in the field.
Local birds begin their daily renaissance,

flitting among red ripe bunches of palm dates,
raucous as Hmong New Year celebrations.

Overhead, a lone gull, far from the sea,
hurries across the darkling sky.


In the great hall, a youth musical reenacts
memorable Biblical scenes, from creation,

to destruction, to redemption. Innocent faces
with angelic voices that wash the crowd.

Outside, rain begins, soaking into grass,
flower beds, maples, cypresses, sequoias.

Rain washes dust off parked cars, dirt off streets,
Smog and pollutions off the air.

Emerging from the hall, the starry sky
and the new-washed earth makes one look

instinctively for the returning dove
cradling the olive branch in its claws.

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