Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bad Epitaphs

“The afternoon you left
Sunlight embraced rain.
A rainbow was born,”
I wrote on the door
Of your new home,
Father, as I left you here
At Mountainview—
An homage to you,
And a display
Of my budding poetic skills.
How was I to know
That I would start
A ten-year trend
Of bad poetry?
Now when I visit,
Your neighbors have poetry
All over their walls,
In clear imitation of you.
And not to speak ill
Of the dead, but
They are just horrible.
I mean, I’m not looking
For rhyme schemes, but
There’s no imagery,
No metaphors,
No music, and too much
Information (TMI!).
Still, I guess
Bad poetry is better
Than no poetry
At all.

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