Thursday, August 02, 2012

Snow Flowers

     ~for Max & the EQ

We band of stripling warriors climb
Through the redwood forest,

Skirting flower-speckled meadows,
Crossing fern-lined streams,
Advancing though generations

Of Sequoias: from seedlings,
To saplings,
To full-growth,

All straight as arrows
Aimed skyward,
Straining for the light.

We climb and climb
Till we reach
The Watch Tower—

A granite pinacle overlooking
Creation’s panorama,
Rising above a two-thousand-foot ravine

Gouged by eons
Of snow and sun,
Water and wind.

At the top, we see
Two snow-flower sprigs
Standing like a pair of grounded spears

Waiting for winter
To unfurl their scarlet plumes
Against the white snow.

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